Welcome to MusicYard! Composing & Recording Songs for Teaching Children.


Recording production includes:-

  • Music Backing Tracks
  • Dialogue & Sound FX
  • Story Reading
  • Song Vocals
  • Listening Exercises

Whatever the grammar and vocabulary, you can have your target English transformed into fun, memorable songs!

  • Close collaboration with editorial team to ensure successful blending of lyrics and melody
  • We write original lyrics based on your target English if required
  • Original and unique melodies are composed and arranged in wide variety of popular styles
  • Plus original arrangements and adaptations of familiar traditional tunes and Christmas songs


Andy Dench – Producer / Composer

MusicYard is the recording studio of freelance producer Andy Dench. He has been composing and producing for English Language publishers for over 15 years and is available for freelance work anywhere in the world.

After studying music at Bishop Otter College in Chichester, England and gaining a BEd Hons degree in Music from Sussex University, he went on to teach music at Midhurst Intermediate School. Then in 1981 he packed his suitcase and guitar and moved to Greece to teach young children English as a foreign language.

After his experience in using songs for teaching children English, he set up MusicYard where he recorded the music for the interactive Word Bird CD-ROM published by Longman. Since then he has worked on commissions to record music for audio CDs, cassettes, CD-Roms and DVDs by Prentice Hall, Heinemann & Macmillan.


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Magic Carpet Song – Sung by Anna Tsiota – Words and Music by Jeanne Perrett & Andy Dench

Dance, My Friend! – Sung by Anna Tsiota – Words and Music by Jeanne Perrett & Andy Dench